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Summer in the Khibiny

Travelling for vacation in the Khibiny during summer season, one has to learn the climatic peculiarities of the Kola peninsula. This will allow to take all necessary stuff for vacation. The point is that weather in the north has its own specific character if compared to other regions. The Khibiny are located in Murmansk region beyond the Polar circle but weather conditions here milder rather in other areas. It is due to the fact that the Khibiny are located not far from the Barents sea where there is a warm Gulfstream current.

Summer in the Khibiny

It is why Murmansk seaport works all year round. Moreover, warm current can influence the weather conditions and on climate of the Kola peninsula on the whole. Therefore, the winter in the Khibiny is long, it lasts about eight months. And there is a cold and short summer. Short nights are observed in the Khibiny during April to August, Polar day is from May to July. During this time the sun is not declining but hides behind the mountains for a couple of hours.

As a rule, tourist season starts in June when the air is warm enough. During this time the snow is melting in the mountain passes and paths giving way to tourists. Mountains are the best place for hiking, therefore thousands of travelers arrive here. Besides, rafting and off-road safari in mountains and valleys are very popular in the Khibiny.

Kola peninsula is peculiar of treacherous weather, much precipitation is observed during summer. Due to permanent rains in the Khibiny, climate in the region can be compared to foggy Albion. In Murmansk region as in England there are fogs, rains and cloudy weather. Bright and sunny weather is rare while long rains are absolutely normal. Going for an excursion to the Khibiny one has to take good umbrella, raincoat and rubber or other water-proof shoes. However, it has been noted that recently due to global warming summer in the Khibiny is as good as in the central part of Russia.

Planning for hiking in the khibiny massif it is better to choose July or August. At this period of time there is small precipitation in the peninsula and mosquitoes are less aggressive. Do not forget repellents otherwise you’ve been through it. Trips can be organized individually and as a tourist package which is becoming more and more popular in the Kola peninsula.

Wind is another climatic aspect in the Khibiny. It can be strong or light, warm or cold and even icy - all of it during summer season. One has to take a warm sweater, windbreaker jacket and jeans for a trip. There are some hot days, for that one needs T-shirt and shorts, but it happens rarely.

When choosing the town to stay for a night, remember that even some kilometers’ distance can play an important role. So, weather in Kirovsk and Apatity can differ greatly at one and the same time, although the distance between the towns is only 16 kilometers. For instance, it can be warm and sky is clear in Apatity but it can be cold and windy in Kirovsk. And this is the case both for summer and winter.

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