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Kuniyok - Chorrgor - Goltsovka - Imandra

Route 9

The route is interesting historically, geologically and esthetically. That was the way geologists reached the central part of the Khibiny in the early 1920’s, having come here to the «Imandra» station by train. Alexander Fersman’s books have records about it. En route you may see areas of forest, alpine meadows and mountain tundra, rapid rivers and a rocky pass, a remarkable petrographic section of the western Khibiny. To follow the whole of the route in one day, you should start it in the morning from the Kuelporr Hotel. Walk on a road southwards up to the path leading to the Southern Chorrgor Pass along the left tributary of the Petrelius River (Route 8).

Kuniyok - Chorrgor - Goltsovka - Imandra

Behind the pass there is a cirque with mountain lakes fed by firn basins. The lakes feed the right tributary of the Goltsovka River. There is a path along it at the western slope of Мountains Iidichvumchorr. There is a nice view of Lake Imandra until the path enters a mixed forest zone. Here you may come across equipped campsites.

The mountain-lover may consider the rest of the way to the «Imandra» railway station as boring. The path is always going along the Goltsovka River, rapid in the season of snow melting or rains and baring its stony bed in hot summer . There are no high waterfalls, but picturesque rapids on the river. The running salmon that the river was named after used to leap here. There are paths on both banks of the river in its lower part. On the left bank there is a beautiful view of the Мountains Imandra - Maly Mannepakhk.

The latter was the mountain that Alexander Fersman climbed in 1920 to be struck by the remarkably variable mineralogy. That was the beginning of the systematic geological study of the region. In 1925 loparite, one of the minerals that were first discovered in the Khibiny was found here. You may well find it in the Goltsovka River alluvium. You may cross the river on a pendant bridge near the railway station.

Pay attention. Wading the Goltsovka River is dangerous, especially with a high water level. Check the schedule of trains passing the «Imandra» station beforehand. There is no motor traffic to Apatity. There are no shops in the station settlement, even for food. The station is commonly closed. In case of bad weather you may find shelter in empty buildings or ask the locals for help.

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