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Kunijok river

Kunijok river rises a little bit to the north of Kukisvumchorr pass and divides the Khibiny massif into western and eastern parts. The river has length of 38.8 kilometers and flows in northern direction and runs into Gol’tsovoye lake. In southern part of Kunijok river there is a mountain ridge Poachvumchorr that divides the river in two parts. The river has several inflows: Petrelius brook, Partomjok river, Risijok river, Lyavojok river.

Kunijok river

Its left-side and first inflow is Petrelius brook which rises near Petrelius mountain foot named after Al’fred Petrelius, land surveyor. Partomjok inflow rises at Umbozersky gorge. Along the brook there is a good road, many camp sites and ruins of barracks. Low reaches of Partomjok river pass the forest area. Risijok is a river full of rapids with several cascades. It became popular thanks to waterfall called «Waterfall on-duty».

Petrelius brook is divided into left-side and right-side river heads than rise from Vostochny and Zapadny passes of Petrelius. From the low part of the river valley it can be clearly seen Yuzhny Chorrgor pass saddle as here there is an access to it. Chasnachorr massif dissects river valley by its Vostochny edge thus dividing it into upper and lower parts.

Thick forest at the foot is changed to crooked forest, then goes up and changes to bushes and in the upper part it is greenless. River valley stretches till Gol’tsovoye lake. There are many small lakes in Kunijok river valley. The most of area around is marshy.

One can get to Kunijok river valley by two roads. One passes Poachvumchorr ridge, initially turned from the Khibiny road. Then, it is directed along the right-side of the water streamflow till the very Vostochny Petrelius pass. Another road goes from Kunijok river along the brook by its left side; at the midstream area the road crosses the river and comes out to area around Poachvumchorr ridge. The roads are broken and heavy, in particular, left-side one.

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