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Kukisvumchorr Plateau and Akademicheskoye Lake

Route 13

The starting point of the route behind the left tributary of the Vudyavryok River, falling down the Bezymyanny Pass, can be reached by car from the Kukisvum Valley. Here you will enjoy a view of the quarry, where the road-construction material is produced from a morain. There is a good road following a gently slope to the Kukisvumchorr Plateau. Climbing up the plateau and on its top you may find dykes of greyish green landscape tinguaite, best-valued by stone cravers and collectors. On the plateau you may see some left equipment, which gradually became historical monuments. There are roads made by geologists during their active prospecting for apatite-nepheline ores. However, it is easy to cross the plateau even without them. There are nices views of the mountain land all around you.

Kukisvumchorr Plateau and Akademicheskoye Lake

The flat landscape of the Plateau may seem monotonous. But crossing it will reward you with a splendor of the blue Akademicheskoye Lake, called after the Khibiny researchers from the Russian Academy of Sciences. It locates in an eastwards-open horseshoe-like cirque. You may take all the advantage of the lake view from the high right bank. If you have time, you may go down to it from the east to have some rest. Here you should decide, where you come back or go on northwards to the «Kuelporr» station. It is better to go back on the parallel route. The north side of the Akademicheskoye Lake is worth visiting separately by Routes 14 and 15.

Pay attention. Descending to the Akademicheskoye Lake from the west is dangerous. You’d better not try to save time here. No steady mobile phone coverage is available in the Khibiny. This should be considered, when calling a car to the «Kuelporr» station or another place in the Kukisvum Valley.

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