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Studying Khibiny

Scientists of the Khibiny

Academician Alexander Fersman The first to give the names of mountains and rivers of the Khibiny massif was academician Alexander Fersman. It was him who perpetuated the name of the Finnish scientist Wilhelm Ramsay by giving his name as a tribute to the pass between Poachvumchorr ...
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In the footsteps of Fersman's expedition

Expedition of Alexander Fersmana in Khibiny Important fact in the history of the Khibiny massif was on 20 June 1920 when Aleksander Karpinsky, the President of Academy of Sciences and Aleksander Fersman, academician organized expedition to Murmansk region. The Civil war was on the wane and Aleksander Fersman ...
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Fersman's expedition. Ascent to the Khibiny

Expedition of Alexander Fersmana in Khibiny Like experiencing «chute the chute» - go down or go up, eventually, expedition group reached the first peak of Putelichorr mountain. The group was so target-driven and didn't even notice how passed the first mountain chain. But the way is long. There is a huge «abyss» ...
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Exploration and study of the Khibiny

Tietta - Kola first research station in Khibiny At the beginning of the last century scientists became seriously interested in the Khibiny. There were several expeditions under the leadership of the famous researchers, Wilhelm Ramsay was one of them, as well as Viktor Gakman, specialist in petrography ...
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History of the Khibiny deposits

Construction incline on Mount Kukisvumchorr 1930 year Discovery and exploitation of the Khibiny deposits is one of the remarkable and outstanding highlights in the history of the Russian geology. It took a long time period to discover unexpectedly ore at the bottom of Kukisvumchorr mount in 1921 and triumphantly reveal ...
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Start of mineral production in the Khibiny

Kirovsky mine 20s In 1960-е apatite and nepheline ore mining enterprise increased its capacity that it required more areas than small Kirovsk could suggest. The enterprise developed, new mining workers were in demand. The new community was established for them New town ...
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