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Imandra lake

Imandra lake is located in Murmansk region in the south-west of the Kola peninsula or to be precise - in the west of the Khibiny mountains, thus enframing the western part of the Khibiny massif and it is the largest lake of the European subarctic. By water area size, it can compete only with Inari lake in Finland. Water surface area is 815.5 square kilometers, including islands - area is increasing to 876 square kilometers. For continental northern lake it is quite large sizes.

Imandra lake

Length of the lake is 109 kilometers; width is ranging from several hundred meters to several kilometers. It is because it is located in tectonic fault along the meridian. Therefore, its basin has a complicated shape and surrounding relief. Average depth of the lake is 16 meters. The deepest point of the lake is registered as 67 meters. Lake area includes 144 islands; Erm is the largest of them. Its area is 26 square kilometers.

Imandra lake is divided into three water entities: Bolshaya Imandra, Ekostrovskaya Imandra and Babinskaya Imandra. They are connected to each other by two channels: Ekostrovsky and Zayachya Salma. Bolshaya Imandra is a northern part of the lake. Its area is 328 square kilometers. It is second by occupied territory but first by length - it stretches for 55 kilometers from north to south and volume – 4.6 cubic kilometers or 42.2 percent of the entire territory of the lake. Lake width is varied from 3 to 8 kilometers. The widest part in Vita bay is of 16.5 kilometers.

In the east : Bolshaya Imandra borders with the Khibiny mountains. This shore has an unclear differentiation. Western shore is embayed by many bays. The largest ones are Kuren’ga, Vite, Monche, Belaya and Kislaya. They come close to the border to Norway and Finland and rely on ridges of Monchetundra, Chunatundra and Volch’ya. There are of about 80 islands within the lake that is the larger part of it in the basin. The total area of these islands is 16 square kilometers.

The biggest islands have names. Between the islands Vysoky and Syav there is a deepest funnel – 67 meters. The depth between the shore line and mid of the lake is sharply different. It can be seen by the color of the water which is significantly darker in the middle of the lake. Here the indexes can be of several tens meters, during windy weather there are big waves like in the sea.

Ekostrovskaya Imandra is the central part of the lake basin and the largest one. Its area is 361.9 square kilometers. By parameters and amount of islands it is on the second place. By shape the lake resembles oval prolonged in west-east direction. The widest part – 18.7 kilometers is located near Okhtokanda bay. This bay and three more - Knyazhaya, Tik-Guba and Zasheyechnaya are the biggest in the part of the lake, there are some minor bays as well. The shore line is rugged indeed. There are 42 islands in the lake area.

In the west of Ekostrovskaya Imandra there is a channel Zayachya Salma that connects the central part and southern Babinskaya Imandra. Channel width does not exceed 1 kilometer. At present it is the only link of two parts of the lake. Previously it was Uzkaya Salma that flew between Rovat-island and protruding shore of continental part. Road construction from Murmansk to Leningrad required to cover this channel and to make a dam thus turning Rovat island into peninsula.

Babinskaya Imandra is a southern part of the lake. It is the smallest one, water surface area is 133 square kilometers. It is a lake of almost a round shape and rugged shore line, with a lot of bays. The largest ones are: Molochnaya, Cheverez, Kamka, Upoloksha and Kun-chast. There are 22 islands within the boundaries of Babinskaya Imandra. This is the least number of islands among all parts of the lake but the largest lake Erm is located here, its length is 10 km. Moreover, it is the highest island – highland of 397 meters can be found here.

Ichthyofauna Imandra rich in fish and fishing on the lake lasts throughout the year, both in summer and winter. In summer at mirror-like surface and in winter at the ice arena of the lake, near Monchegorsk town one hundred kilometer sailing race takes place here. Lapland reserved area is situated in the west of the lake.

On the top of the page is interactive map of Imandra lake, more details can be found of Imandra lake Google Web search system.

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