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How to plan meals for a camp trip

For hiking in mountains or forests, it is necessary to take care of the meals that guarantees the body’s ability to emit sufficient energy for overcoming difficult routes. It goes without saying that you can’t meet any shops, cafes and restaurants on your way, that’s why it is very important for you to take care of this item in advance. Meal plan or, in other words, ration schedule depends on many factors, for example: climate, the number of participants, trip duration and its location. In addition, if the campaign is going to include many participants, you need to know about everyone’s food intolerance or allergies. Maybe some people do not eat meat products for ideological reasons and so on.

How to plan meals for a camp trip

The ration schedule is composed of the following: first of all you develop the menu for a few days, and then, calculate the quantity of each product per person. Next the number is multiplied to the number of participants in the campaign by adding one or two days for the lag case. Periodically the menu will be repeated, so it will be easy to calculate the ration for the entire route duration.

In forest where you have to overcome steep slopes, impassible area and off-the-road, organism spends a lot of our energy that needs to be restored. In mountains, where the height is more than 3 thousand kilometers, the lack of oxygen results in the body changes that must be the reason for disgusting of familiar food. That’s why the important role should be given to hiking meal planning for mountain and forest walks.

Except hiking meal plan it’s necessary to reason where tourists will be able to take water, without which it is impossible to exist. Depending on these places tourist schedule rest and overnight stays. If you go to the Khibiny, you don’t have a lack of fresh water, that’s why you don't need to focus on it.

For mountain and forest walks you should take such products that do not be spoiled throughout the all route. The tins should not be made of glass. They must have closely fitting tops. Moreover, such fast food as custard soups, cereals and pasta fit only for winter or cold period of the year. In other cases, it would be better to prepare own meal.

As a rule, during the trip tourists eat three times. Their breakfast and supper should be more robust, but dinner is light. The reason is that it’s more convenient to overcome the route.

Choosing products, you should be aware of its shelf life. For the short hikes you can take casseroled chicken, fruits, boiled eggs, sandwiches and homemade food. It goes without saying that if the planned hike occurs in fervent summer, this set of products will not suit you (the food will spoil very quickly), that’s why it would be better to use canned goods. Fish, meat and vegetable canned goods are good for hiking in any season. The set of products should be bound to contain proteins, fats and carbohydrates to balance the daily rate of energy consumed by the organism. And, of course, the vitamins that supply the organism with useful substances and microelements.

Proteins is meat, in our case - tinned stew, canned fish, sausage. You can also buy smoked pork , loin or sausage in vacuum packaging - it can be kept for a long time. As proteins you can use powdered egg and dehydrated milk.

The source of carbohydrates is cereals, paste goods, sugar, chocolate, halva, biscuits and dried fruits.

The source of fats is butter, cheese and tallow

The source of vitamins is fruits, vegetables, onion, garlic and edible greens. For the long hikes you can take dried vegetables and add it to soup or pottage, in short hikes it is necessary to use in its natural form.

How to plan meals for a camp trip

Going for the hike, you should remember about the utensils that will be used for preparing food. It would be better to take a few pots. One must be taken for cooking soup, the second (a little less than the first one) - for cooking second course. Third pot must be taken for boiling water to make tea or coffee. Pots proportions are necessary to be considered due to the number of participants. Utensils for personal use: plates, spoons and mugs each takes for himself.

In a trip you will need a tablecloth to spread out the products. It would be better if it is made of polyethylene and it doesn’t get wet. Among other things, you should take a few knives for cutting food and a knife for cans. Don't forget a ladle and a baking sheet for frying vegetables or fish, a skewer or several spits. It should be noted that the dishware must be light, but strong.

Finally, during a trip in forest you can hunt or catch fish - then the tourists menu will become much more diverse. To cook fish or fowl on fire is not difficult, especially if you had stocked up with utensils, foil and had taken a skewer.

First of all, the fish or fowl is gutted, then it thoroughly flushed with water, salted inside and out and add some different spices to taste. Next the trunk is put on the skewer and straightened over burning coals or wrapped in foil. The skewer should be turned over several times for fish or fowl evenly roasting. In the same way you can fry as shashlik and vegetables, so potatoes with onion.

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