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Hotels of Kirovsk

The most comfortable and cozy hotels in Kirovsk are expensive, in contrast to the hotels of the city of Apatity. But if the rates are ok with you, then you will get a great view on the magnificent Khibiny, lake Bolshoy Vud'javr and downhill slopes out of your window of the hotel room.

Would you like to feel homey home and warmth of the family hearth? You can rent apartments on a per day basis. Any kiosk of Kirovsk or Apatity will sell you a local newspaper «Dvazhdy Dva», «Khibinsky vestnik» or «Kirovsky rabochii» and you will easily find many offers for such apartments. Hospitable and welcoming local people will gladly host a new guest and will help to get arranged in a new place. Whatever the case, whatever the hotel option you choose you have to think over it long before the trip.

Hotel location in Kirovsk and how to get to it you will find in Yandex interactive map, all hotels are numbered. More details see on the map by following the link to Yandex map of Kirovsk.

Follow this link and you will be able to find out more about prices and free rooms in the hotels of the city of Kirovsk.

Severnaya hotel

Severnaya hotel Do you like comfort and conveniences? Would you like to keep always in touch and to be in the center of events and actions? «Severnaya» hotel is a perfect choice, it is located in Lenin street 11. «Severnaya» hotel is a popular place for the Russian President - Vladimir Putin ...
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Gornitsa hotel

Gornitsa hotel You will surely find it in Dzerzhinsky street, 19. For those who came to Kirovsk to enjoy downhill ski this hotel is a perfect place. It is located at the bottom of the Khibiny massif, in 10 minutes to ski routes. Free Wi-Fi is always available for any occasion. Official style of hotel ...
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Khibiny hotel

Khibiny hotel Have you dreamt to stay in a hotel with a ski resort on your doorstep as if by magic? Here in «Khibiny» hotel your dream will come true. It is located in Leningradskaya street, 25 and it is situated five minutes' walk from the ski route «KolaSportLand». Hotel restaurant offers to the ...
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Ekkos hotel

Ekkos hotel If your destination is Lenin street, 12, it is here where you will find the hotel. Inside the piece of architectural heritage there is a cozy hotel, excellent accommodation for small groups or united family. It is in the fourth floor where you can get it. Being located at the very heart ...
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Sport hotel

Sport hotel «Sport» hotel is located in Dzerzhinsky street, 7a. This place is unique by the fact everything is readily available. Would you like to walk in the park? You are welcome! Would you like to warm up - go to sauna. Its time to try your skill of downhill skiing - just five minutes and you ...
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Parkovaya hotel

Parkovaya hotel Being located in Parkovaya street, 22 there is a same-name «Parkovaya» hotel. It is as many others is situated near ski resort of the Khibiny - not more than ten minutes' walk. In interactive map you can find it even by free Wi-Fi identification. Austere style, grace ...
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Kuel'porr hotel

Kuel'porr hotel No matter whether you come to Kirovsk to spend an unforgettable time in ski resort or to go hiking - «Kuel'porr» hotel will be a good choice to find accommodation. Unique location of the hotel (it is in the north-west of the Khibiny massif center) will make it a perfect leisure option ...
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