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Hotels of Apatity

At last you have decided to spend a vacation in the Khibiny! It doesn’t matter whether you are going to ski downhill and snowboard in winter or take a walking tour to mountains in summer you need the accommodation to stay for a night. May be you came from the central Russia or any other country and don’t have any relatives or friends here, you will certainly need a tourist info about accommodation in Kirovsk and Apatity. Here we will give you full information to make a good choice.

But let us say that Apatity has only several hotels to pay attention to. But be advised, nearest ski resort is located in the surroundings of Kirovsk, of about 17 kilometers, and the beautiful place to be a must-see, lakes Bolshoy and Maly Vud’javr are 17 and 25 kilometers, correspondingly.

In case one travels to the Khibiny tundra by car it won’t be a problem. But if you are going to take a public transport you have to think what hotel to choose. As one prefers to stay near the beautiful sights and accommodate in Kirovsk, other chooses low-cost option of hotels in Apatity.

Hotel location in Apatity and how to get to it you will find in Yandex interactive map, all hotels are numbered. More details see on the map by following the link to Yandex map of Apatity.

Follow this link and you will be able to find out more about prices and free rooms in the hotels of the city of Apatity.

Amethyst Hotel

Amethyst Hotel Would you like to get all at once - to combine leisure time and shopping? You have to stay in «Amethyst» hotel! It's an eight-storey building located in 3, Lenin street and attracts tourists from afar. It's a nice two-star hotel is nearby to cozy restaurant «Yantar'» and good ...
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Izovela Hotel

Izovela Hotel «Izovela» is an outstanding hotel of Apatity town. Such a beautiful name was coined from the Saami language and it means «wind breathing». The hotel is located in 29a, Pobedy street. It is a place for those who enjoy spending time close to nature and away from a ...
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Kola Science Center Hotel

Kola Science Center Hotel Would you like to be in close vicinity with the world of «science fiction»? Then you have to get accommodation in the hostel of the Kola Science Center, being located in Fersman street, building 2. Be sure in your choice and hospitable and friendly personnel will meet you ...
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Sheri Hotel

Sheri Hotel Sheri Hotel is located in Apatity, Gladysheva street, building 6a. The hotel is situated in the center of residential area «Old Apatity». You can easily find it at the first cross-roads, after arriving to Apatity turn to the left and then take second turn right ...
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Uyut Hotel

Uyut Hotel Uyut Hotel is located in Apatity, Zhemchuzhnaya street, building 7a. If you travel by car then as soon as you arrive to town, take the first crossroads and keep straight. Do not turn and in half a kilometer on the right side before the second crossroads you will see the hotel in ...
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