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Sport hotel

«Sport» hotel is located in Dzerzhinsky street, 7a. This place is unique by the fact everything is readily available. Would you like to walk in the park? You are welcome! Would you like to warm up - go to sauna.

Sport hotel

Its time to try your skill of downhill skiing - just five minutes and you are on site. It's about the same time to get to the railway station. A wide variety of entertainment is not the only advantage of «Sport» hotel. Another advantage is fashionably furnished and decorated rooms. High-quality TV, convenient work desk and shower - do you need something else for entire happiness?!

The integral tradition of «Sport» hotel is a nourishing and substantial breakfast. Great lunch or dinner can be easily ordered in the restaurants and cafes nearby. No doubt, you can spend time well promenading in the central town square located in five minutes' walk from the hotel or going to ski resort Kukisvumchorr.

«Sport» hotel can be found in Yandex interactive map under number «Five», reception phone: +7-815-31-9-26-50

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