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Kuel'porr hotel

No matter whether you come to Kirovsk to spend an unforgettable time in ski resort or to go hiking - «Kuel'porr» hotel will be a good choice to find accommodation. Unique location of the hotel (it is in the north-west of the Khibiny massif center) will make it a perfect leisure option both in summer and winter time.

Kuel'porr hotel

Far away from hustle and bustle of the town, although there is no ski lifts nearby, it provides for splendid opportunity to make individual ski route or to go free ride or take a snowmobile trip around charming surroundings of the Khibiny.

One hour in summer or winter will seem a moment and you will see a primitive grandeur of wild nature. As if by magic, you will be translated from warm and cosy room into kingdom of everlasting snow and wonderful forests. It will catch fancy of nature connoisseur.

Delightful view on Kunijok river flowing nearby and adjacent waterfall will keep in your memory forever. Take a camera and make some pictures from the panoramic site. It will be no trouble to get in this kingdom of natural fairytale and magic.

«Kuel'porr» hotel can be found in Yandex interactive map under number «Seven», reception phone: +7-921-510-00-30

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