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Khibiny hotel

Have you dreamt to stay in a hotel with a ski resort on your doorstep as if by magic? Here in «Khibiny» hotel your dream will come true. It is located in Leningradskaya street, 25 and it is situated five minutes' walk from the ski route «KolaSportLand».

Khibiny hotel

Hotel restaurant offers to the guests excellent dishes of European cuisine. As for hotel rooms, they meet all the requirements. Cable TV, bathroom and balcony are mandatory for each room.

Administration of the hotel is taking care of its customers and stimulating the downhill skiing fans by providing skiing kit rent. Those who have its own ski equipment can use ski storage. Free Wi-Fi in business zone is available.

«Khibiny» hotel can be found in Yandex interactive map under number «Three», reception phone: +7-815-31-5-89-01 and +7-815-31-5-89-02. These contacts are available for those who chooses accommodation in «Sport» or «Ekkos» hotels.

Follow this link and you will be able to find out more about prices and free rooms in the hotels of the city of Kirovsk.

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