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Gornitsa hotel

You will surely find it in Dzerzhinsky street, 19. For those who came to Kirovsk to enjoy downhill ski this hotel is a perfect place. It is located at the bottom of the Khibiny massif, in 10 minutes to ski routes. Free Wi-Fi is always available for any occasion.

Gornitsa hotel

Official style of hotel design makes it significance and solemnity. All rooms are equipped with all necessary for comfortable accommodation and even have special place for ski storage. It goes without saying that each room has its own bathroom.

You are provided for a unique chance to cook meal yourself here. Almost each room has its own mini-kitchen and you can save money for lunch in restaurants. Capacious fridge, good electric kettle and microwave will allow having a bite at any time you want. If you have some problems, issues to solve - 24/7 reception is at your service. Laundry and ironing is always at your disposal.

It is this hotel that is a magnificent «shelter» for those who appreciate downhill ski and other. Nearest airport of Kirovsk-Apatity is located 30 kilometers from the hotel.

«Gornitsa» hotel can be found in Yandex interactive map under number «Two», reception phone: +7-815-31-59-113 and +7-815-31-59-111

Follow this link and you will be able to find out more about prices and free rooms in the hotels of the city of Kirovsk.

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