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Hiking outfit

Beauty of nature is fascinating and that’s exactly why many tourists enjoy spending time in the forest or mountains and admire the wonders of our planet. Experienced tourists know that troubles can happen in the journey and one should be ready as best one can. Hiking outfit is required. One should keep in mind its weight to make it comfortable to move and be functional at the same time.



First of all, one will need rucksack for hiking to take all the necessary. When selecting the rucksack, it is necessary to know the volume and weight it is intended for. Besides, it should bear against the back and have convenient straps to minimize the load on shoulders. Rucksack’s weight for short trips can be of 30-60 litres, for long trips - 70 to 140 litres.

Careful attention should be paid to pockets, water-proof lap and possibility to fix additional outfit on the outer side of the rucksack.

Foot wear

One should think through selection of foot wear and, primarily, choose it depending on planned route. If you travel to mountains you don’t need rain boots or vice versa - in lowland of forests there are a lot of wetlands.

Foot wear

The foot wear should be comfortable and worn to avoid rubbing, corns and other worries. The best solution is the hiking shoes that are actually intended for tourists. One can save money if the hike to the forest or mountains is not planned to be long and buy quarter shoes. Moreover, there is an easy way like hiking trainers. But, firstly, the foot can soak, secondly - they do not fix the ankle-joint. This means that jumping can result in dislocation.

It is better to take two pairs of shoes - boots and trainers or trainers and rubber boots, and to change it if necessary. Good foot wear can save the foot against unexpected injuries.



Clothes for a hike is no less important of hiking outfit. One should make choice very carefully. It goes without saying that clothes should be for the season, otherwise there is a risk of hypothermia or, on the contrary, overheat what is bad anyway. One should pay attention to head wear, gloves, socks and hood. It is good to have a raincoat in case of bad weather.

Two sets of clothes is preferred, first one for the trip, the second one is for sleep. It’s better to know the weather conditions of the area for travelling: frequency of rainfalls, show and take appropriate clothes.

Tent and sleeping bag

One cannot do without a tent and a sleeping bag. As for tent , pay attention to its weight and water-proofing qualities. In the trip to place of frequent rainfalls the tent shall be glued or welded by silicone. So, it will make you safe from soaking. No doubt , group trip implies tent for several persons according to the number of travelers or several double tents that will help to keep warm together. If you travel alone single place tent will be enough.

Tent and sleeping bag

Internal side of the tent shall be made of polyester or similar material for condensate not to accumulate. It is handy when it has mosquito net and entry to place the hiking outfit.

Sleeping bag shall be comfortable, light-weighted and weather-proof. As warm sleeping bag is a heavy one and takes much space in the rucksack it is not reasonable to use it for summer trips, however, if you go to the mountains and according to the elevation you choose for a stop, mind the ambient temperature that can differ greatly. So, when choosing sleeping bag one should consider the temperature and the route.

Navigation devices

One cannot do without compass or navigator. The latter one is more easy-to-use. It provides for exact location and save your route in case you plan to take it once again in the future. Therefore, one should make choice carefully.

Utensils and other

Utensils and other

In the trip you will need the utensils and personal hygiene stuff. Spoons, mugs and bowls are recommended to have made of aluminum, it can be enameled but they are heavier. Don't forget that in most cases one has meal in Spartan conditions, that is why it is reasonable to have utensils handled for comfort.

In order to cook meals one will need to build a fire, and thence, to make it one will need wood or dry fuel, water-proof matches or lighter. Lighter is preferable as it can be fast dried in case it soaked. One has to cut wood using axe. Primus heater or oil stove will help to cook food without fire if you want to bite a snack and there is no much time.

It is worth noting that tourist hiking outfit will cost a pretty penny and if you have no possibility to buy high-quality outfit you can rent it.

Medicine to be taken for mountain hiking

It is mandatory for hiking equipment to have first aid kit and medicine to be taken for mountain hiking. It can't be an ordinary case for first aid as it shall be based on special purpose of its designation.

Medicine to be taken for mountain hiking

Consider the type of a trip, season of the year, local relief peculiarities and individual health problems and include the following staff into first aid kit:

• fnti-febrile agents, antibiotics

• thermometer packed in plastic

• painkillers

• various blood stoppers like cotton, bandage, tourniquet and other

• medical syringe and needles of different volumes

• ammonia spirit

• medicine capable of easing or eliminate symptoms of gastroenteric upset , allergy, cardiovascular diseases

• fixing staff

• medical alcohol

First aid kit necessary for mountain hiking can include some additional medicine intended both for keeping fit generally and strengthening against extreme conditions in particular, and to compensate lack of vitamins and minerals. It is eleuterococcus, calcium gluconate, glutamic acid and hematogen, and etc.

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