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Gol’tsovka river and Chasnajok inflow

Gol’tsovka river flows in the north-wetsern area of the Khibiny tundra and it is one of basic waterway of it. It’s length is 15 kilometers, width- up to 25 meters, depth is 0.7 meter. Gol’tsovka rises from Khibinpakhkchorr pass where Fersman cirque is located and flows into Imandra lake at a distance of 1.5 kilometer from station. The river flow changes its direction. So, in the upper reaches it has south-northern flow direction, then it softly changes to west till Imandra.

Gol’tsovka river and Chasnajok inflow

Near the river entry there is a place where it can be crossed by car as the river is shallow here; and there is a railway bridge and small hanging bridge. Note that its condition is shabby, during high water season the water rises till the bridge level.

Gol’tsovka’s shores are different. The right bank of it is high and dry, left river bank is low and marshy. There is a good foot path at each shore, there are places for camping. One can start off from Imandra station to Chorrgor pass (Severny and Yuzhny) and Fersman cirque by road along the right shore of Gol’tsovka. Left riverbank path is used rarely. Main tourist route is from Yum’ekorr gorge to cirque on Fersman mountain. In the place where brook rising from Fersman cirque joins Meridional’ny, there is a path along the left riverbank. It leads to Aku-aku gorge, Arsenyev’s Zapadny and Vostochny passes.

Gol’tsovka inflow is Meridional’ny brook. It flows to river from Fersman and Yum’echorr mountains by several riverheads. These mountains are united by Palgasvumchorr ridge. Brooks coming out of its passes form central springhead. Eastern springhead rises at Chasnachorr mountain where the rock cirque is located, western springhead consists of several brooks from Yum’echorr mountain, from its north-eastern slopes.

One more inflow is Mannenpakhk brook. It has eastern-western direction. It rises in Mannenpakhk mountain, that’s why it was given its name, Putelichorr mountain and Chornogor Severny pass. After mannenpakhk brook joins the river, it becomes full water river and not easy to wade across it.

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