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Geographers Pass and Мountains Vudyavrchorr

Route 3

From any hotel of Kirovsk you may enjoy a splendid view of Lake Bolshoy Vudyavr with the background of towering steep and forbidding rocks of Мountains Vudyavrchorr. Meanwhile, the one-day route along its western and southern slopes is rather interesting. It can be easily started from the bank of Lake Maly Vudyavr near the Vudyavryok River source. On its right bank there is a well-trodden path leading to the Geographers’ Pass.

Geographers Pass and Мountains Vudyavrchorr

Over the pass you should turn to the south and hike along the slope at the same height, rounding Мountains Vudyavrchorr. On route you may enjoy south-west-sided views of the Imandra Lake Valley and Apatity. In talus you may come across such characteristic Khibiny minerals, as eudialyte, aegirine, titanite, natrolite, etc. In the south Мountains Vudyavrchorr is constrained by two parallel gorges.

The closest one is full of massive boulders and is tough to pass. It is best-loved by local rock-climbers. A comfortable trodden path leads to the other gorge. It directs to a wide talus road going along the slope and bushes of a low mixed forest. It takes you to the source of the Belaya River, flowing out of Lake Bolshoy Vudyavr. Having crossed the river by a foot-bridge, you arrive at Kirovsk.

Pay attention. There is no source of drink water on the western slope of Мountains Vudyavrchorr, so you should have it with you. It is easy to mix up gorges on the southern slope of the mountain in the fog. Remember, if you scramble over boulders of human size and even more, you probably took the wrong path, because the gorge with a good road is a little bit further. A foot-bridge is often washed away with spring floods and blocks of ice floating on the Belaya River from Lake Bolshoy Vudyavr . Check for up to date information on it before trekking. It is only a few steps away from any hotel in Kirovsk.

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