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Forest orienteering methods

Going for the hiking in the forest area, it must be remembered that even the most experienced traveler can get lost or to be lost, to say nothing of those who hike in forest for the first time. That’s why it’s very important to know the orienteering basics for the having opportunity of your timely security provision. It goes without saying that when you are going to hike in forest, you need to take a compass, the map, a navigator. If you plan a long-term campaign, you should take all the necessary camping equipment. However, on bosom of the nature the instrument may be gone out of service or find itself in somebody else’s use. Therefore, some rules of orienteering will help you to unthread the forest area or go back to the place where you had started hiking for the help.

Forest orienteering methods

The four winds The most true orienteering way is the sun. Before entering the forest you need to remember on which side it is located. But this method is not useful in muzzy weather, sun may be hiding behind the clouds. By the way, you need to keep watch over the passing time and sun motion. It’s very important to prevent you from making mistakes in the calculations.

Another old but effective method to get out of the forest is the four winds determination. So, for example, it is not difficult to determine where is the North - on its side there are a lot of vegetation on trees or stones, especially it is moss or lichen. Anthills are located on the South, on the same side crowns of trees are developed more. After rain the trunk of a tree on the North side stays wet longer and in spring when snow melts, it’s forming a hole on the South. The grass grows higher and the berries grows ripen faster on the South. Try to use multiple comparisons for accuracy.

Marking the way

During the trip it is very important to do some landmarks, making kerfs on trees, stumps or shrubs, but only to be on the safe side. Try to use for it only old and dry trees for not to harm the younger forest. Furthermore, you should listen to the surrounding sounds of highway, railway, settlement and so on.

If you got lost in a forest area, you should stop, relax and think about how to get out, not moving on. At this moment it is necessary to remember the last landmark on the familiar road and try to go to him. Or try to detect where it may be now.

Weather sayings

You can get out to a settlement or people by listening the sounds or smelling the smoke. If you can not see the familiar roads or landmarks, you should try to find the pond. If you go to river or lake, it will sooner or later lead you to people. In the case there is no pond it is necessary to climb the tallest tree, wherefrom you will see the pipes, power transmission posts, railroad, highway or at least the familiar hill in any case.

A country road can also serves as the landmark. If there is no possibility to go on it and branches constantly are hitting you in the chest and face, most likely people had never been there and it is the trail. By the way, you should observe how much the road is trodden. In a road fork you should go in that direction where the trail is much wider and where it is seen that there foot may tread before. Going on wide roads you should focus on tyre marks.

To avoid unexpected meetings with wild animals you should make a fire, especially in those cases when you've lost any hope to get out of the forest and waiting for the help. Thus, the animal will not attack you, and people will be able to find you as fast as possible. If the meeting with the animal happened, you shall give it the opportunity to leave. Aggressive behavior should be prevented by the fire or knocking a stick against the tree. If this does not help, you need to climb a tree and sit there until the beast looses interest and leave.

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