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Flora and fauna of Vud’javr lake

Flora and fauna of Maly and Bolshoi Vud’javr directly depend on adjacent territory. In particular nearby mountain area is characterized by fascinating vertical zoning of vegetation – a sort of «vegetation pyramid». At the foot of the mountains there is forest vegetation (most often spruce and pine trees). At the height of 400 meters it is changed to shrub vegetation and birch crooked forest. Rare shrub vegetation or lichen is found above 600 meters height.

Flora and fauna of Vud’javr lake

It is impossible to make a clear-cut boundary between this or that type of vegetation as it depends on wide range of factors. Moreover, in some cases (is relevant to closed depsressions) there is inversion, reverse sequence of vegetation location in mountains adjacent to lakes. So, in the lowland lichen exists peacefully, spruce and pine tree are «ascending» to mountain tops.

Generally, climate of the Kola peninsula is unique. Due to warm Gulfstream, winter temperature of the Barents sea coast is sometimes warmer than in the Khibiny. Great, isn’t it? It is because the Khibiny area condenses moisture very well, and there are a lot of lakes and swamps. However, this is not all peculiarities of the local climate. So, it is often a collision of cold and warm air masses thus resulting in thawing during winter and frost during summer. Exceeding moisture is observed of about 80 percent. It impacts on biosphere around.

What nice berries here: cranberry, blueberry, redberry and cloudberry! Why not to get wants and needs met? To licker berries and improve health?!

In summer lake valley reminds paradise bathing in warm colors of poppies, turquoise of heavens bells and virgin white locoweed.

As for fauna, Khibiny is both in tundra and taiga, many different animals can be found here. Taiga wild animals of Maly and Bolshoi Vud’javr area are: fox, hare, weasel, squirrel, bear, elk and wolverine.

Tundra wild animals are: northern reindeer, Arctic fox and lemmings.

Other animals are not peculiar of this area but get accustomed to climate «migrants» - beavers, mink and water rat.

Birds populations of of Maly and Bolshoi Vud’javr includes – hazel grouse, black cock, wood grouse, white and tundra ptarmigans.

Fishing-lovers in the Khibiny can be lucky to fish: pike, whitefish, perch and salmon trout, lake herring and salmon, char and vendace.

Only a real connoisseur can appreciate the beauties of this area. It is here where one can feel the unity with nature: hear the breath of grass, understand the sorrow of wolf crying for the moon and recognize the deep meaning of hazel grouse whistle.

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