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Eveslogchorr Мountains astrophyllites

Route 16

The Eveslogchorr Мountains astrophyllite, one of the best-known Kola minerals, is the aim of the route. The motorroad to the deposit goes along the southern foothills of the Khibiny, passing the III Apatite-Nepheline Dressing Plant and Koashva settlement up to the Eastern Mine of JSC «Apatit». Entering the mine territory is by a preliminary permission only. Once you get it, you are free to pass quarries of the Koashva apatite-nepheline deposit along the Vuonnemyok River up to the Eveslogchorr Мountains foothill.

Eveslogchorr Мountains astrophyllites

It may be identified by a lake with the Vuonnemyok River crossing it and its tributary of the Astrophyllite Brook flowing from the north. The best way to cross the river is the place of its flowing out of the lake. Then a good road takes a steep rise on the high western slope of the brook and leads to its upper courses, where pegmatite veins with astrophyllites occur. The richest veins had been worked out. However, each year sees outstanding finds that decorate private and museum mineralogical collections. Come back the same way.

In the 1920’s as long ago, A.N. Labuntsov found fersmanite, one of the first Khibiny-new minerals, in the place of the Astrophyllite Brook flowing into the Vuonnemyok River. The place is worth making a stop on the way back to try your luck in finding this rare mineral. Never skip through dumps along roads in the quarry zone. Here you may find remarkable eudialytes, titanites, aegirines, enigmatites and many other minerals for your private collection.

Pay attention. There are so many motorroads in the quarry zone, that you’d better have a guide to take you to the Astrophyllite Brook. In the upper courses the path follows the steep rocks of the gorge. There is a risk to stumble, taking a picture of the waterfall raging below. It is better to postpone the route in foggy and rainy weather. Trespassing the industrial zone of the mine is possible with the preliminary permission of JSC «Apatit» exclusively.

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