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Belaya river

Belaya river is located near southern foot of the Khibiny rock massif and it is an affluent of Imandra lake. River begins at elevation 312 meters above the sea level in Bolshoi Vud’javr lake. Belaya river length is 24 kilometers. The river is filled by water of two inflows - Vud’jvrijok and Poachvumjok that are headed in the south-west center of the Khibiny massif. On the left side of Belaya river there are Apatity and Kirovsk towns.

Belaya river

Poachvumjok river joins Maly Vud’javr and then further flows through Bolshoi Vud’javr lake. Vud’jvrijok river passes round Maly Vud’javr lake in the east enters Bolshoi Vud’javr lake. Further the river flowing from Bolshoi Vud’javr lake is called Belaya river. The riverbed passes round Kirovsk town in the west, then passes the Khibiny south foot and disembogues it waters into Imandra lake.

Gakman river can be considered two separate inflows of Belaya river as it dissects in two parts Yukspor mountain and enters Yuksporlak river that then also inflows into Bolshoi Vud’javr lake.

The history of Belaya river is closely connected to many years work of «Apatit» JSC that discharged production wastes into the riverbed thus its clear water was cloudy white color. At present waste water discharge has been stopped.

Malaya Belaya river

Source Malaya Belaya river

Mountain river that flows in the south-west of the Khibiny has a length of 17 km and basin of area 82.8 square kilometers. It begins at Yudychvumchorr mountain not far from Zapadny and Vostochny Petrelius passes. River flow goes from south to west and is located in the forest valley area with velocity of 0.2 m per second. River coast is covered by thick coniferous forest.

The river flows into Imandra lake into place called Belaya Guba not far from Belaya river head, near Khibiny station. The rivers are crossed by bridges: two automobile and railway bridges.

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