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Aku-Aku Gorge

Route 10

The route is one of the best-loved by local and guest tourists. Its name, inspired by T. Heyerdahl’s books and enhanced by Sámi legends, is wrapped in a romantic aura. The route commonly starts from the «Nephelinovye Peski» railway station and ends at the Imandra railway station. Having crossed the station on a forest road, you should turn on the path of the second brook. Soon it will take you to a 7-km-long picturesque gorge stretching along the western slopes of the Khibinpakhkchorr Mountain Massif.

Aku-Aku Gorge

Narrow and rocky, the Aku-Aku gorge joints valleys of the Yumyekorruayv Brook and lower left tributary of the Goltsovka River that flow in the Imandra Lake. According to a Sámi legend that was literarily processed by Alexander Fersman, the Yumyekorr Valley saw a battle of the Saami people against invaders. «The eudialyte mineral occurred at every place, where the Sámi’s blood dripped to the ground».

In a middle of the gorge or so, where the Yumyekorr Brook makes a sharp turn to the east, there is a picturesque waterfall and a lake with blue water a little bit further in the gorge. There is a mixed forest from the very beginning up to the lake. The lake area fits for having rest. It is tucked between cliffs to be passed on the right-side steep path. It is the most dangerous section of the route. You may go out on a plateau on the lake left and follow the route northwards, viewing the gorge from the top. You may go down only at the very end of the route, enjoying a breathtaking view of the Goltsovka River Valley and Imandra Lake. Here you should decide, whether you come back along the Aku-Aku Gorge to the «Nephelinovye Peski» railway station, or go on to the «Imandra» railway station. The distance is approximately the same. The description of the further part of the route is given above (Route 9).

Pay attention. The route is popular both in summer and in winter. In summer it fits for schoolchildren and elderly people. Crossing the cliffs near the blue lake is the most dangerous part of the route. You should never take a narrow path on a cliff (you may fall down to the shallow lake from the height of 7-8 m), but stick to the right-side way. Check the schedule of trains passing the needed stations beforehand. There is no motor traffic between them and Apatity. There are no shops in the station settlement, even food ones. The station buildings are commonly closed. In case of bad weather you may find shelter in empty buildings or ask the locals for the help.

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