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Aikuaivenjok river

Aikuaivenjok river rises from two riverheads in the southern slope of Aikuaivenchorr mountain at height of 800 meters above the sea level. Its length reaches 26 kilometers. Two riverheads, one of them goes along Blue lakes gorge, flow south-west but at the foot of the Khibiny mountains at crossing the road to Tzentralny mine they shift abruptly to south-east.

Aikuaivenjok river

Then riverhead passes several kilometers along the road leading to Koashva and not far from road crossing to Oktyabr’sky settlement it shifts the direction and flows to the south.

Aikuaivenjok is a river full of rapids and passes forest area, sometimes marshy areas. Main inflow is Lovchorrjok which rises at Lobchorr mountain slope and enters the river from the left side at a distance 9.7 kolimeters from its entry. Aikuaivenjok river inflows into Chernaya river. In the river valley there is a geological object - Pyrrhotine gorge. It is located at both sides of Aikuaivenjok river at a distance of 250 meters. There are no any settlements near the river.

The river is crossed by railway bridge and two automobile bridges. After joining the river Tyoplaya, Aikuaivenjok river enters into Chernaya river and then into Upper Kapustnoye lake.

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