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Khibiny Airport

Airport Apatity-Kirovsk or Khibiny airport is complex equipped with navigation facilities. It is located in the territory of Apatity town. It's geography is very important as it is located in the center of the Kola peninsula, 18 km from Apatity and 32 km from Kirovsk. To get to the airport is easy, just take express bus №128, 130, 209 or taxi. Private taxi service rate is about 500 Rubles. Individual transfer is possible for tourists as an option.

Airport Apatity-Kirovsk Khibiny

This was not always the case. Those tourists who take flights often, probably know that ticket has a three-letter code of airport - IATA code. As a rule, IATA code has something in common with the name of the town. In our case, the Khibiny airport has code KVK, and, as one can see, has no relation to Apatity town. In addition, when a traveler or tourist search the Internet to book flight to the Khibiny he may type airport of Apatity but it is automatically changes to Kirovsk - it's o'k.

It is all due to the fact that initially the basic airport of Kirovsk and Apatity was another airport, being located in 9th km on the way to Apatity-Kirovsk and belonged to town of Kirovsk. Therefore, code was generated as KVK. But financial crisis of 1990s and obsolete engineering facilities, limited operation activities of plane acceptance and release resulted in airport closure and all activities were transferred to available military aerodrome.

Khibiny airport appeared during war time and was used as a base for storage, acceptance and release of civil and military aircraft. However, in the beginning of 1990s its location was changed and remains unchanged till now. Airport is of decent size, it has one flight strip and one terminal. However, it is comfortable for passengers who are waiting for their flight. There are shops and cafes of 24/7 open hours.

The central and southern part of the Kola peninsula is a favorite place for Russian and international tourists. Being famous for its unique nature sites like Kandalaksha bay, Khibiny rock massif and other, wonderful excursions, mountain ski routes and business travel options it often meets the «air-delivered» guests. So, before you decide to visit this cherished place of Russia by airplane, it is necessary to agree upon with the Khibiny airport of acceptance and maintenance of charter flights by the following telephone: +7 (8155 55) 7-73-69 or +7 (8155 55) 6-13-55.

Please, note that aircraft acceptance service is provided 24/7 all the year round. Airport and adjacent zone allow such airplanes as: А-320-100; AN-2,12,24,26, 28, 30,72,74,148 and its modifications; Be-200; V-737-300,400,500; Ml-114; Tu-134; Yak-40,42,18/51 and its modifications; ATR-42; Challenger-B-04; CR7-100/200; L-140; RR7-95; SAAB-340; and all types of helicopters.

So, what's about the old airport? Flight strip is in good condition, access road is open, local street-racers are often arrange racing during weekend, during working days driving school students are training here. The forest around is full of mushrooms and one can organize picnic, many summer cottages are located nearby.

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