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The Khibiny - Glacial Hellas

Endless land of the Khibiny-Lovozero tundra is located in the northern part of the Eastern-European platform where the mountain relief is not high but incredibly fairy land of the Khibiny strikes the eye. It is situated 150 km to the north behind the Polar Circle and occupies the central part of Murmansk region.

The Khibiny - Glacial Hellas

Nature of the Khibiny massif is characteristic by its picturesque scenery. Here one can find exceptionally beautiful rock massifs, tundra zone in the mountains where dwarf birches grow. Waters are full of pure lakes, rapid rivers and roaring waterfalls. The Khibiny, being located in the center of the peninsula are considered the highest mountains of Murmansk region.

The highest mountain of the Khibiny - Yudychvumchor, reaches 1200 meters. Tundra vegetation in Khibiny is peculiar by its diversity, more than 300 species of different plants can be found here. Many representatives of flora and fauna are rare, listed in the Red Book. Information in our website can help you to know more fascinating and interesting about northern nature and its features.

The Khibiny mountains are the mysterious and unusual ones. Unlike other mountain chains that usually spread along the horizon, they beautifully frames the lake. Such beauty has been praised by the writers and poets. Its unique nature and particularity in comparison to other mountains has been pointed out by Ivan Korotaev in its «Glacial Hellas». These mountains are the relicts of the ancient plateau that had been destroyed and fractured to many ridges, gorges, isolated peaks, passes and many plateau. The nature itself help to this as well by the rivers Kunijok, Tul'jooka, Malaya Belaya, Vud'javr lakes - Bolshoi and Maly and valleys. This contributes to the formation of arctic mini-Altai. Particularity of the Khibiny is defined due to rare combination of mountains with swampy massif and lakes of the Kola peninsula that creates an unusual and fascinating picture.

Current name of the mountains is connected with the dialect of the local population. «Hiben» means high plateau. But these were not the names of the mountains ever. Saami people traditionally call them «Umptek».

The highest mountain in Khibiny - Yudychvumchor

The Khibiny are old mountains as their age is relatively old, 350 million years. At first sight the mountains seem to be lofty and severe, as they are hard rocky and has no vegetation. The mountains are located behind the Polar Circle, to the north of 67 parallel.

This rock massif in the Kola peninsula is the most elevated. At average, mountain peaks are located 800-900 meters above the sea level. The highest peak, mount Yudychvumchorr reaches 1200 meters. Besides, being the youngest mountains, the Khibiny are constantly growing by several millimeters per year. During summer in a fine weather the Khibiny feasts eyes from far away.

The Khibiny mountains are hard and often unkind ones. The Saami come here only in summer, in winter they fear avalanches, which origin they connected with Gods' favors. In the Khibiny have been discovered deposits of more than 800 types of minerals. As a result, low populated area has been filled with industrial towns and settlements near the bottom of the mountains.

The names of these industrial towns speaks for itself: Titan, Apatity and others. The scientists often called Khibiny the museum of mineralogy in the open air thanks to great amount of natural resources. Famous mineralogist and geologist Alexander Fersman made a great contribution to exploration of the mining system, it was him who discovered the minerals unlike the others ones and called them «chibinites».

How good-looking the Khibiny from the space! They remind stone flower, in close-up it is like a unassailable fortress in the deep forest. Based on local legends, it is in the Khibiny where the sacramental Eden, or Paradise, is located that many strive to get. Severe area constantly attracts new guests and charms by its beauty.

Tourism in the Khibiny

In summer and winter in the Khibiny sport fans and adventure travelers can find a lot of entertainment activities. During summer one can try to become naturalist and take a tour with jeep or 4-wheeler to enjoy the most beatuful sites of the peninsula. What about the Polar day with it ever-lasting-sun, being one more pleasure for walking tourists. But before planning a vacation in our area, do not forget to look in our reminder to tourists that at the initial stage will help you prepare for such an exciting campaign.

Those who like go hiking will be amazed by fascinating tours routes in the Khibiny, having a night in camping, campfire cooking and enjoying the continual communication with dazzling northern nature. The lakes of the Khibiny are rich in whitefish, perch, grayling, pike and salmon trout. Leisure and fishing in the Khibiny will become a great pastime. Rafting and rock climbing are recommended to extreme enthusiasts.

In winter the Khibiny are popular among snowboarders, downhill skiers, scooter fans and «inflatable» sledges that fits perfectly to family vacation. Tourists often choose ski tours about the Khibiny.

Skiing season is from November to April, the winter season is long one and once arrived one can feel transfer from the hot summer to snowy winter. The sun in the mountains is so bright and warm during winter that one can sunbathe; coming back from the downhill ski resort of the Khibiny you will get a sun-tan the same as coming back from the southern resorts.

The location if the Khibiny massif can be found in interactive map or fro full-scale view you can follow the link the Khibiny on the maps of Google Web search system

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